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“Kansas is a Big State!”

Aug 23, 2008

Although I’ve already read Obama’s first book, “Dreams for My Father,” and had begun “Audacity of Hope” I wanted to share them with Rob, so we’ve been listening to the the audio versions on the road. Read by Barack himself, it is so exciting to have him join us while we travel! When we get caught up in the logistics of our project and frustrated by the things that aren’t going according to plan, it’s nice to be reminded why we’re really doing this.

Kansas was one of those times. I lived in Lawrence, Kansas until I was 6, and we still have many friends in the college town. But being there in the middle of the week, and with the school term just beginning, there was not a whole lot of Obama action to be found. We also had a narrow window of time to work with, as we planed to be in Denver by Saturday for an event. We did stop by the local Obama headquarters and found there were a couple volunteers there doing data entry, but no larger meetings or gatherings planned until the weekend. We debated staying and shuffling our Denver schedule, but in the end it just didn’t seem practical.

The next morning we struck off across Kansas in the direction of Colorado. We finished “Dreams for My Father” and started “Audacity of Hope,” saw enormous wind farms and $4.25/ gallon gas signs, and coined the term “meat bugs” after our windshield was covered. Rob waxed geographical about the changing landscape and we saw the sun set behind the mountains. It was quite a day! …Next stop Denver and the DNC!

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