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Our Week at the DNC (Part 3)

Sep 01, 2008

With a renewed sense of purpose, and the decision made to head West after Denver, we headed back to CoMedia for our last day of shooting in cushy studio conditions. Rob shot for over 8 hours straight, and we got some of our most diverse and wonderful photos yet. Among the subjects on Friday there were a young Kenyan family we’d met at the park making Obama posters, two young sisters who had set up a free lemonade stand downtown after school to raise money for Obama, a Native American delegate and his family, and a hairdresser from Denver with a bright red mohawk and an Obama t-shirt he’d designed himself. It was a long, hard day, but it was exactly what we had been hoping for from our time in Denver!

We spent the next few days attempting to catch up on the backlogged blog and photo postings. With so much work to be done for the project, we’ve had to make a conscious effort to keep up with current events. We get to hear bits and pieces of campaign news from people during their photo shoots, but Rob often has to discourage me from probing for details, in order to cut down on the funny faces of people in mid sentence. Staying with my aunt in Denver, however, we actually had time and access to TV. But with the Palin nomination being covered on every station, I quickly lost my appetite for news.

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