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Putting the Blue in the Blugrass State

Aug 18, 2008

From Cincinnati we headed on down to Lexington, Kentucky and were warmly welcomed by yet another family friend, Diane James. Two of Diane’s 4 daughters have lived with my parents at one point or another, so we figured we could afford to return the favor and camp out at her house for a little longer than we have at others! There was so much administrative work to be done, and since we hadn’t found an event in the area to take portraits, we hunkered down to upload photos to the site, catch up on the blog, and plan our trip as far as Denver, and to see if we couldn’t drum up some Obama action in Kentucky.

We were seeing plenty of Obama yard signs, and word on the street was that there were tons of Barack supporters in Lexington, but not a whole lot of support for the supporters, because an Obama Field Office had not yet opened there. So I contacted the local Democratic office to see if there were any upcoming Obama events in the area, and learned that, like everyone else, they were also waiting to hear from the national Obama campaign with regards to the arrival of an Obama HQ. Kentucky is not counted as a “battleground state” so it is logical, if not a little frustrating, that the campaign would use it’s resources elsewhere, even though, with the University of Kentucky there, Lexington is well stocked with liberals. But like many other motivated grassroots folks we’ve met on this trip, the Democratic Party Office of Lexington was doing their best to mobilize on their own, with an Obama volunteer information booth at the Woodland Arts Fair that weekend. We were invited to set up our portable photo studio alongside their table at this annual open-air arts and crafts festival.

People from surrounding towns come in droves to Lexington for this event, so we knew we’d have a crowd for sure. And if the pent up enthusiasm we saw that Saturday is any indication, Lexington, if not Kentucky as a whole, may show up for Obama on November 4th! By the end of the day Rob and I were exhausted and a little sunburned, having set our record for longest photo shoot thus far (8 hours!), but the photos ended up looking great!

We spent the next few days recovering from our marathon shoot, updating the site, and even had a chance to catch a real marathon and several other Olympic highlights… That Michael Phelps character made us both feel totally lazy!

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