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Pre-Convention Buzz

Aug 24, 2008

My Aunt Maro came through in a big way in Denver.  Not only did she put us up, feed us all week, and let us turn her dining room into our office, but she also connected us with an old friend of hers who has a photo studio in town. Larry Laszlo of CoMedia Studios was gracious enough to lend us the use of his space the entire week of the DNC! Rob an I were so looking forward to the change of pace, but we had one last location event in Denver to remind us how lucky we’d be to get to shoot in a studio for several days.

The evening after our arrival in Denver we planed to take portraits at a house meeting in the suburbs. Our hostess, Shannon, would be a driver for a delegate during the convention, but wanted to do her part to get folks in her neighborhood involved as well. We decided to set up on the back patio to be closer to the action, despite the fact that the wind seemed to be stronger here than in the driveway (which also presented the issue of a steep slope.) The guests were beginning to arrive, the set was almost up, and of course the wind began to pick up as well! It was at the point when the backdrop became a sail and threatened to take out Shannon’s kitchen window, that we admitted defeat on the patio, and took another 45 minutes to relocate to the driveway.

Once the meeting was over though, we had a chance to meet the freshly informed volunteers and tell them about our project. They were all kind enough to stand around in the front yard amidst swarming mosquitoes, to wait for their turn in front of the camera, swatting and swapping opinions on the latest news: Obama’s choice of Biden for VP. And of course everyone was also buzzing about their expectations for the Convention and who had tickets to which events.

It was never Rob’s or my intention to come to Denver to try to attend Obama’s acceptance speech the following Thursday, but the more we heard people talking about it the more conflicted we were feeling. On the one hand, we were hearing the terms “mad house” and “cluster $#&!” being bandied about, with regard to the predicted 5 hour lines to get through security at Invesco Field, where the event would take place. On the other hand, this was to be an historic moment, and had we really come this far to be so close and not see it for ourselves?! But this was all a moot point anyway, because we hadn’t had success getting a hold of tickets… but a lot could happen in a week!

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  1. Well heck, sounds like it was a magical week in Denver. I can’t wait to get the invite to your opening. i will buy the first plane ticket out there.

    - Dominique

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