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New Mexico Natives for Obama

Sep 14, 2008

Life on the road is rough people! The week we were in Santa Fe I realized that Rob and I had barely been out of each other’s presence for over 30 days! And without a solid day off in all that time, we were both a little punchy. We were granted a brief reprieve at Dean and Louise’s house (Rob’s dad and step mom) where we finally had a chance to take a break from all the work and from each other. In between playing catch up on administration and beginning to work on the PR for the project, Rob got to go play basketball with his dad’s Senior Olympic team, while Louise and I took a yoga class. It was such a treat!

Then on Wednesday it was back to work!

Our plan is always to arrive an hour before each event to put up our elaborate set and chat with early arrivals. But after some confusion with the location of the event (before we went to our host’s home in Albuquerque, we stopped by a similar address in Santa Fe just to say hello!), and swearing that Rob is no longer permitted to key addresses into the GPS, we showed up just as the New Mexico Natives for Obama meeting was beginning. We made ourselves at home in the driveway and were ready to begin shooting just as the meeting let out. LaDonna Harris, president of Americans for Indian Opportunity, and our hostess for the event, was among those photographed. We also met the dean of a Native charter school who explained that, with Indian high school graduation rates even worse than the already low averages in New Mexico, education reform is a main reason she supports Obama. And then there was the woman who, after I asked her to sign a model release, joked, “You know how Indians feel about signing papers.”

Thursday, in an effort to have a day completely devoid of work, we went for a 5 hour hike in the mountains with Dean and Louise. And although I wouldn’t categorize the last quarter mile of vertical climbing as work-free, it was an unbelievably gorgeous day and a well earned view from the top.

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