As freelance artists, Rob and I have been lucky to be able to take the time to pursue such an ambitious idea. But having left paid work in New York for 2 months to create our own independent project has meant that funding is limited. We could have quickly burned through our savings on gas alone, but through the generosity of friends family and strangers we were able to make it all the way to California and back!

Your continued support will enable us to promote the completed work and help to publish the collection.

We understand that many of you are giving generously to the Obama campaign and that should be your number one priority! But if you want to sponsor our project, even for a few miles, your donation will enable us to .

$10 ~ 50 Mile Sponsor

$20 ~ 100 Mile Sponsor (Listed as a Sponsor online!)

$100 ~ 500 Mile Sponsor (Listed as a Sponsor online as well as in the book!!)

$300 ~ 1500 Mile Sponsor (Receive a signed copy of the book as well as Sponsor listings online and in the book!!!)

$1000 ~ 5000 Mile Sponsor (Receive all of the above as well as a signed 11′x14′ We Are The Ones print of your choice!!!!)

One Response to “Donors”

  1. Thank you to all our generous sponsors!!

    Eric McGregor (Honorary 1500 Mile Sponsor) Thanks so much for all your work on the website!

    Elaine Poggi (100 Mile Sponsor)

    Deb & Chick Fagan (500 Mile Sponsors)

    Dean Gullixson & Louise Klok (1000 Mile Sponsors)

    Jim Parker (100 Mile Sponsor)

    Larry Laszlo (Honorary 5000 Mile Sponsor)

    Chris and Ann Wenk (2500 Mile Sponsors)

    Shawn Blythe (250 Mile Sponsor)

    Matthew Fagan (100 Mile Sponsor)

    Coy Gutierrez (250 Mile Sponsor)

    Steve Hancock (2500 Mile Sponsor)

    Amy Goalen (500 Mile Sponsor)

    Jacky Thomas & Jimmy Stevens (250 Mile Sponsors)

    Diane James (250 Mile Sponsor)

    Don & Gay Buckingham (1000 Mile Sponsors)

    Armen Vartian & Candi Foss(2500 Mile Sponsors)

    Nancy Gay (1000 Mile Sponsor)

    Kathryn Diamond (500 Mile Sponsor)

    Anne Gorrissen (500 Mile Sponsor)

    Courtney James (100 Mile Sponsor)

    The Manitsky Family (500 Mile Sponsors)

    Elyas Beria (Honorary 1500 Mile Sponsor) Thanks for making my logo sketch a reality!!

    Peter & Marguerite Casparian (1500 Mile Sponsors)

    - We litereally could not have done it without you!!