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  1. [...] time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” The photo gallery is filled with images of Obama supporters of all ages. As an ardent Obama supporter and believer in [...]

    - – We Are the Ones

  2. Bret keeps asking me when the WATOP is going to be up in a gallery!We want to come out.

    - Dominique Jackson

  3. [...] We felt so betrayed and ignored, but we still believed in this country, so we rose up. We asked how we could be the change we want to see in the world, and we worked as a people to elect someone who we feel stands for our beliefs. Is he the answer to all of our problems? No. We are. We are. [...]

    - The Donkey in the Room « The Trivial Pursuit of Happiness

  4. Great! Great! Great!…..I love the diversity in your photos! This is the CHANGE we have been waiting for…Thank You for creating this site!!
    btw if you need more people for pictures I would LOVE to be a part of this beautiful movement for change.

    Well Done!

    - Brittany

  5. Great Project. Wish I could come to the gallery showing.

    - Rani

  6. Great site! I love the pictures and all the different poses and people all for Obama! Unite for change!

    - Gabrielle

  7. [...] October 7, 2008 at 6:54 pm · Filed under Observations, Overheard, Politics, Random Thoughts and tagged: art, obama, photograph, project Have you seen the We Are the Ones Project? It’s a photographic essay documenting “the enthusiasm and diversity of Obama supporters across the country. Specifically, we’re highlighting average citizens and grassroots communities as the real stars of this campaign, by giving them a celebrity-style photo shoot at Obama events.” And as Courtney at Feministing points out, “It’s one of those projects, whatever your politics may be, that remind you how beautiful real, passionate people are.” Right on. Some of my favorites are below, but check out the gallery. [...]

    - Change « Woolverine

  8. This is amazing.

    - Sarah

  9. [...] Here’s a wonderful website of great photographs of people standing for Obama this year. It’s the “we are the ones: portraits of Americans standing for change” site — remember the “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” line? [...]

    - Tensegrities » Blog Archive » “We are the ones” project

  10. [...] are just a few of the incredible shots from their gallery (I recommend visiting it often, just as a [...]

    - Wickedness in a Beautiful World? at Crucial Minutiae - it’s the little things…

  11. thanks for this,
    and making my day.

    Note to all of us enthusiasts. From what I hear, if we wear any kind of propaganda to the voting booth, we will be asked to leave as it is considered campaigning…

    Forgive me if I am saying the obvious.


    - lora Zorian

  12. I love this project—and the artistry and skill in your photos, as well. Great job!

    - Sally Parrott Ashbrook

  13. [...] it out! The We Are the Ones Project is a photographic essay documenting the enthusiasm and diversity of Obama supporters across the [...]

    - We Are the Ones! « DezertDiva

  14. Beautiful pictures! What a testament to what this campaign is doing to create communities. Thanks for your work in documenting history.

    - Kim Vinh

  15. Hey such a pleasure to meet you guys down at Pease Park in Austin. Hope your stay was wonderful. Thanks for taking the initiative to document the diversity of Americans creating change in America. Your a part of it, helping shape it as you criss cross America. Blessed be.

    - Lenny

  16. What a brilliant project! Patrick and I feel so honored to be included in this incredible display of diversity, support, and enthusiasm for an amazing man who can bring much-needed change to our country! Thank you so much!!

    - Cheryl

  17. I love, love, love what you are doing in documenting the diversity of Obama supporters. These portraits are so beautiful. THANK YOU!!!!

    - Anna

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