Bear’s Story

My name is Bear Bridges and from the first time I heard of this guy called Obama I was intrigued. His story is wonderful and in some ways mirrors my own. We were both born in Hawaii, only when I was born there it wasn’t a state yet, but still a United States Territory. We both left Hawaii at a young age and grew up in Kansas. Both of our fathers left our families. I also was raised for a period of time in the home of my grandmother, as was Barack Obama. We both met wonderful beautiful women and have raised families with 2 incredible daughters. After these similarities our paths diverge a bit.

Obama is an inspiration for many reasons, one being that he never lets up. He keeps on going like the “Energizer Bunny”. He does it with heart and meaning and love for his brothers and sisters. He truly wants the world to be a better place and he works very diligently to accomplish this goal (as we all have witnessed for the past 21 months.) I have attempted to influence people I know to cast their votes in his direction by explaining his stance on issues (as I understand them.) Barack Obama has raised my level of hope and it brightens my days to know that this man can and will change the world. He will do this with our help and he’s not afraid to ask for it. That’s kinda new for a politician. It is so refreshing. He listens, that’s not exactly normal behavior for a politician either. (Must have something to do with the air in Hawaii and/or Kansas?!)

Bear Bridges
Massillon, OH

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