Ben, Chad & Katy’s Story

Chad, Katy, and I first met as campers at a progressive Unitarian Universalist camp in the mountains of western North Carolina (which we hope will soon be a bluish state!). We didn’t shoot BB guns at this camp – we gave each other back massages and lived by the values of respect, tolerance, sustainability, and service. Further, we learned to approach life with incredible joy and energy. These values have shaped our lives individually and collectively and led us to volunteer for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. In Barack we see the summer camp counselor who could bring out the best in a group of angsty teenagers. In Barack Obama we see a leader who inspires, respects, engages, thinks, and asks for those same qualities in others. We will be proud to have him as President.

Ben Gerhardstein
Decatur, GA

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  1. B,C and N,

    You got your wish. Congrats on N. Carolina going blue. I think that was one of the wonderful surprises about this amazing election. I’m down here in Georgia still trying to go from red to blue. Mobilizing for the Senate runoff between the Republican incumbant who lied about war hero and triple amputee Max Cleland when he ran for reelection 4 years ago and an awesome man, Jim Martin who served with distinction for many years in our state legislature. Wish us luck. We’ll need a little.

    - Lissie Stahlman

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