Charlie’s Story

My grandson (Cameron Sullivan) has lived with us about 5 years, and he is now in his third year of College at MO. State U. His major is in Political Science. He got a lucky break and met Eric, the team leader of the Springfield MO. Obama office. They worked so well together that Eric gave Cameron the #2 job in the office.

Cameron has the highest volunteer job in the office. My wife, Evelyn and I were supporters of Hillary Clinton, but needless to say, Cameron changed us. He had house meetings at our home for volunteers he recruited.

The Springfield office grew fast they opened a new office in Republic, MO. Cameron is the team leader of this office. We have supported him as much as possible.

Today is Nov. 3, so we are really busy with the final push to contact as many volunteers as possible.

Tomorrow (the big day) we will be busy making sure we get the voters out to vote. We will be offering rides to the polls. We will stay in close contact with each polling place during the day, through the help of volunteers.

Evelyn and I have enjoyed helping Cameron and Eric during the few months leading up to the big day.

We feel that Obama made a good choice in picking Joe Biden. We think they will be the big change our country needs.

We feel that Obama and Biden will be winners.

I don’t like to think about loosing, but if we do, it will be a big loss for our country.

Charlie Cox
Brookline, MO

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