Chris’s Story

I became involved in grassroots politics five years ago, because I could not tolerate what my country had become under George W. Bush. The illegal war in Iraq had already exceeded the advertised timeline with no end in sight. Then I read Michael Moore’s great book, Dude, Where’s my Country? and I knew that it was no longer acceptable to treat our democracy as a spectator sport.

After reading Sen. Obama’s two books, I knew the country has a leader who can regain the nation’s respect around the world, and get our economy back on track. He is the first Presidential candidate from my generation, and the first in my lifetime who speaks with intelligence and clarity, without the political double-speak. I knew that his campaign would attract the type of volunteers who also recognize the brilliance of our candidate, and that we would build lasting relationships.

Momentum has continued to build after the primary, the convention and the debates. We have a clear choice for change. This is the time for people like myself to own a piece of history by doing whatever we can for Barack Obama. Today!

Chris Fleischman
Phoenix, AZ

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