Connie’s Story

I grew up on a farm in North Carolina.  I’m in my mid-fifties, and have spent most of my life believing that it was important to vote, but avoiding everything else related to politics.  I loved the “secret ballot” and the privacy of exercising my right and responsibility to vote without talking about my choices to anybody.  Then about 5 years ago my family and my home were threatened by the possibility of a new highway through my house.

With much encouragement from my two children (Haley in college and Stuart still in high school), and many friends and neighbors, I reluctantly started writing letters to town, county, state and even federal officials.  My first reaction was that I didn’t want a highway through my house, but I quickly realized I didn’t want the highway through anybody’s house.  It was too expensive, an environmental disaster, and we didn’t need more pavement in Chatham County.

Through my battle over the road, I learned lots of ugly truth about our government.  That’s when I really started paying attention and getting involved.  I still have my house, Haley and her husband are expecting my first grandchild, and Stuart is in college.  I have worked for Child Care Networks, Inc, a child care resource and referral agency, for almost 16 years. It’s my job to manage the child care subsidy program in Chatham County.  It is my life experience that leads me to believe that Barack Obama is our best choice for our next president.  Every day I see families struggling because they can’t afford to work and pay for decent child care.  I’m lucky enough to work for an agency that provides health insurance, but I worry about the people that can’t afford insurance.

I’m concerned about our economy, the environment, housing and healthcare, and protecting international civility.  I’m appalled by the waste I see, not in government, but in the private sector.  The rich are getting richer at the expense of the rest of us.  I believe that Obama will represent the “rest of us” as president.  He is the candidate with the long range vision to help make this country and this world a better place for all of our children and grandchildren.

Connie McAdams
Chatham County, NC

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