Deeba’s Story

“America the Beautiful”

As I stare out of this window traveling across this great nation of ours I don’t see red and I don’t see blue. I see the myriad shades of brown as we fly over high, high mountains. I see the shades of green in huge, huge fields and pastures and I see communities, twinkling lights beckoning shouts of welcome on this dreary morning.

And I am struck by the fact (for the gazillionth time but I still have to catch my breath) that in just the time it takes to get to Denver from Baltimore I could fly the length of Britain – twice!!

This land of ours, built on blood, sweat and tears, that has given countless lives to preserve ideals and fight for ideals leaves all of us with an obligation to ourselves and to the rest of the world – to live that Constitution and the values of the Declaration of Independence written over 200 years ago, to uphold it, treasure it and march forward with it.

Sometimes we hear something so often that it becomes a cliché and loses something of its meaning, its power and its relevance. But I sincerely believe with all of my heart that this is the most important election of our lifetime. The contrasts and the choices could not be more stark and I’m not even talking about specific policy here. I’m talking about outlook and world view.

When you’re up here in an aeroplane you don’t see black, you don’t see white, you don’t see Muslim, or Christian or Jew. You don’t see rich, you don’t see poor. All you see is the vast beauty and magnificence of this great nation under your feet.

And you realize that those ideals that we hold dear and that people around the world aspire to in their fledgling democracies- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness- can only truly continue under one man as President, Barack Obama.

America from its earliest days has always been about multi-faith and multi-culture. About embracing and accepting those arriving from foreign lands, about freedom of religion. The plurality and diversity and the equality of opportunity that needs to come as a result of all that can only be achieved with Obama as President. He has lived that life and believes in the possibility of that life and those ideals, a walking embodiment of the values we should cherish in a 21st century America and world.

That is why I support him. It is these values and beliefs that I want our American children to grow up with while I await my own citizenship. And this is the reason I am working to elect Barack Obama as President.

Deeba Jafri
Elkridge, MD

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