Donna’s Story

“Cancer = Bankruptcy”

Growing up as a pediatric cancer patient, I watched my parents go bankrupt from medical bills. As I struggled to survive, so did they. Between them, they held 4 jobs. My father was a teacher who always had at least two other jobs on the side and my mother, even tho she had crippling rheumatoid arthritis, managed to clean houses. Hard working Americans deserve better than having their feet held to the fire by insurance companies as they hold their sick children in their arms.

Against all odds I lived to tell my story - and I lived to support Barack Obama all the way to the White House! My parents never recovered financially from their efforts to keep me alive, and they will tell you “that’s just what parents do” for their children. But me personally? I think it’s SHAMEFUL that a country with so much abundance and potential cannot even manage to take care of their most helpless citizens in their greatest hour of need. For that reason, and hundreds of others, I am so grateful to be here to support Barack Obama. When I was dying, all I had was hope. All the numbers were against me. Mr. Obama has had lots of numbers against him in his lifetime too, yet he’s risen to the top with dignity, integrity, & heart and soul. His policies are ethical, moral and inspiring. He can restore our world image. Take it from this 31 year cancer survivor, Barack Obama IS hope.

Donna West Hansen
Kansas to Maryland House Frau

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  1. Wow, Donna. That’s a truly amazing story. And you’re correct and Obama was correct when he said that healthcare for everyone is a right, not a responsibility.


    - Deeba Jafri

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