Emily’s Story

While I was sitting at Invesco Field waiting for Barack Obama to make his acceptance speech, I knew I was witnessing something great. I had been an Obama supporter for months, but this was different. I could feel the energy of 80,000 other supporters, and it was intense. Knowing that these people sat there with the same hope I did, made me even more proud to support Barack Obama.

To me, Obama embodies what the Democratic Party represents to me. He is interested in the common good and really looks to help those who need it. He cares about the environment, and I believe that he will do everything in his power to help solve the global warming crisis.

I see true hope in Barack Obama. With him as president, I will have more confidence in America as a nation. I truly believe he can unite us all for the change we need. This is the first presidential election I can vote in, and I am so proud to say I will vote for Barack Obama.

Emily Gordon
Montrose, CO

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