Estella’s Story

My name is Estella Davis Tatum and I live in Lexington Kentucky.  I have three daughters and five wonderful grandchildren.  My mother, Catherine Davis, is eighty-six years young and loves Barack Obama.  She lives with me, still cooks and cleans the house, and is the rock of our family.

The people in Kentucky support Obama more than the media and others reveal.  I know we are not a battleground state, but we are a state that cares about him. I am a coal miner’s daughter, and I believe that Obama can help the working families in our city and country.

I got to tell you, I am so happy about this election and working with volunteers here in Lexington.  I gave up my weekend and took vacation days to work on this campaign.  I even had an Obama house party.  We had eighty people come!  Deep in my heart I can feel that he will be the next president of the United States.

Estella Tatum
Lexington Kentucky

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  1. Go Estella! You rock!

    - Chase Daniels

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