Gail’s Story

“Why Barack Obama?”  All of my life my favorite thing to do is vote! (Sorry sex, drugs & rock ‘n roll.)  In 2000 my Mom put a sign on the door we all entered for Thanksgiving (also my favorite holiday) that read “Politic Free Zone.”  We adhered.  Sadly, we found out Al Gore lost his case in the Supreme Court re- Bush vs. Gore, on December 12th of that year.

I have two daughters with my husband of 29 years, and we raised them to believe voting counts.  Well, that election was stolen, and I believe Ohio in 2004 was certainly suspect too.  This was a time my husband and I taught our daughters voting is and will always be the coolest, best thin g ever!

In the summer of 2004 I watched this young man, as keynote speaker, talk about hope, civility and promise.  I taped this speech and every young person who entered my home I asked them to watch it with me.  They did, reluctantly at first, but by the end they smiled and were inspired by his words.  I then read his books, which my husband got me for our anniversary and Mother’s Day presents, because he knew my favorite thing in the whole wide world is to vote!

“President Elect Obama”

I saw Ohio flip, New Mexico flip, Florida flip. And my phone lines blew up!  I’ve lived in all of these states and received shouts of joy from all.  Here’s my bottom line… My joy at the acceptance speech resulted in the front of my shirt soaked from tears.

Barack Obama taught us, once again, because of voters, we have HOPE.

Gail M. Bridges
Massillon, OH

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  1. I watched SOTU last night and I still believe in him.

    - Ken Kasacavage

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