Janaan’s Story

I’m an American Muslim.  My mom’s family has been in the U.S. since the 1800s and my father since the 1950s.  When people tell me to go back to my country, I smile and continue on my way.  In my heart, I tell them that it’s a short trip from here to here.

We all came from somewhere, and I hope that as this country matures, it will see that its ethnic, racial and religious pluralism is its strength.

I walk tall for who I am:  an American, a Muslim…a Scott-Irish Arab.  Only in this great country can we have such a colorful tapestry of people.

I hope that my contribution to change comes every time I walk outside wearing my hijab, headscarf, bringing to life the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious practice.  I hope that people will see me, in years to come, just as they see others like Barak Obama: as a contributor to society worthy of respect.

Janaan Hashim
Chicago, IL

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