Jojo & Quinn’s Story

A friend, my daughter Quinn, and I were sitting on the 16th street mall in Denver, drinking homemade lemonade when the conversation turned to Barack Obama’s election.  We joked, about him making lemons into lemonade.  My children, Josephine and Quinn Matuschek are two bright and excited children, so it came as no surprise when they took that conversation and decided to go to downtown Denver during the DNC and give out lemonade.  The surprise was that they wanted to set up a collection, and raise tip-money, not for themselves, but for the Obama campaign. “Money for Obama,” Jojo, our six year old said. She told us, “He is a very smart guy and once you are smart you think, ‘I should run for President.’” Quinn, the eleven year old, said, this is for “Obama’s presidential run, the Diabetes foundation, and ourselves- for fun.” They both were inspired by the fact that he would potentially be the first African American president, and that people were genuinely supporting him and his values.

It was busy in downtown Denver the day the girls set up the lemonade stand; 100,000+ people, some said. The police were out in large numbers, all geared up for riots, and some donating to the lemonade fund. No riots, but the girls were an amazing hit on the mall, selling FREE lemonade. They made $30.00 or so in donations the first day, and made even more on Wednesday and Thursday. They were told they might be in a book “We are the Ones! Portraits of Americans Standing for Change.”  They met Congressman Perlmutter, who donated, too.  They talked with countless number of supporters, all asking “Why are you doing this?! We think it is great, we support you.” Many pictures were taken of the two of them, and they were even interviewed for TV!

My favorite sign they posted on their lemonade table said, “Obama, making lemonade out of lemons.”  The girls had a great week, and an even greater story to share, and were able to send over $100.00 to Barack Obama!

Bridget Matuschek (Mother of Jojo and Quinn)
Denver, CO

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