Lindsey’s Story

It’s troubling to realize that imagining a better, fairer, kinder world is a hard thing to do.  It’s like stretching your muscles after sitting on long airplane flight - it’s hard to remember that your body can move in certain ways.  The thought of moving at all, as far as the greater political picture, is something new to me.  The first time I have been motivated to work to get a candidate into office is in this election, for Barack Obama. This is because, for the first time, I feel like I actually hear the truth in what Obama says, as opposed to empty words and orchestrated soundbites that are usually spewed forth from people who have airtime on television. Not only that, but I feel like my own voice finally counts too.

So I decided to speak up more. My friends and I did something relatively simple - we threw a fundraiser party - but the result was so inspiring to me.  A community of artists and healers came together, donating their time and talent. People were so excited to have an outlet for their energy, and to put their own talent toward something greater than themselves.  It seems as if this is how it should be.  We all have so much talent and kindness and energy to offer each other. And to make change that benefits people as a whole, we just need to grant each other the space to do it in.  The life of this campaign has created a connection between people that I haven’t seen since 911.
Except now, we are connecting out of the hope that we will have a voice, rather than the sadness and depression that we felt when we saw the destruction that led us into war.

Though I don’t want to idealize any one person, I do believe in the new hope, in turning over a new leaf in our history, in giving a chance for oft-hushed voices to be heard. Things will keep changing, no matter what… I just hope we have a good leader to guide us through.

Lindsey Walker
Los Angeles,CA

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