Lissie’s Story

My first political memory was of my parents’ enthusiasm during JFK’s Presidential run. That was the beginning of my social consciousness. Since then I’ve spent much of my life involved in progressive movements and campaigns.

Never in my 55 years have I been part of anything even remotely comparable to the excitement and energy of the Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign.

It was the woman beside the man who first attracted my attention a year prior to the election. In an interview, Michelle’s compassion, poise and unassuming demeanor made me realize that her spouse must be as down to earth as she. I witnessed in Barack Obama a gifted leader who has the capacity to reverse our course from the perilous one in which we have been spinning. It will truly take a Superman to accomplish this.

Working voter registration in Atlanta for several months, I’ve met volunteers and voters whose inspiration from Barack has equaled my own including scores of people who are participating for the first time in their lives. Obama has set a fire in our collective grass roots belly which has energized us beyond any campaign in the history of our nation. I’m privileged to have worked on the Obama volunteer team 17 in Atlanta making wonderful new friends along the way, and I will forever cherish the part we played in helping to change our world.

Lissie Stahlman
Atlanta, GA

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