Mary’s Story

My political story has probably been pretty typical. My parents impressed upon me that I had a right and responsibility to vote, but left it at that. From the beginning I have been politically apathetic. I never studied much about the candidates and voted party line when I voted at all.

Then, along comes my sweet, funny, musical daughter who turned into a political junkie by age 13 only to be terribly wounded by having our yard signs and bumper stickers for John Kerry vandalized in our own yard. It made her feel so angry and betrayed. It broke my heart to see her so defeated, but not for long. She trotted outside and taped our slashed signs back together. From that time she, along with her brother, has driven me to look harder at candidates, volunteer for local elections, and give to causes that move our family. After seeing Barack Obama speak, she was moved to write this song.

My daughter Brenna and my son William are my motivation to seek change. When others are counting on you, you can’t just sit on the sidelines. I am in the game for my kids. It is time to stand up for change.

Mary Pritchard
Austin, TX

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