Nadine’s Story

Ever since my husband and I watched Senator Barack Obama declare his Presidency for the United States of America on that cold Saturday in Illinois, we have been inspired and energized by his Message of Hope. We asked ourselves what we could do to see this great man for the world become President.

First we began sharpening our political awareness, and became au fait regarding Senator Obama’s message. We read everything we could via paper and online; as well as rushed home from work and addictively flicked from one major news channel to the next until we were literally exhausted. Our daughter Briana was of course irritated, because we had ‘once again’ hogged the family room TV. We meant her no displeasure, however; our desire was to absorb all there was to know about the political events of the day from the best TV in the houseJ.

You see, this was the first time the election process had caught and held our attention; and over the past 21 months, we have been ever so engaged and intrigued by the process!

Second, we joined the Easton, Pennsylvania for Obama pursuit; and whenever we could, we made phone calls, pounded the pavement, participated in events, signed up unregistered voters, attended rallies, and justifiably designated ourselves Surrogates for Obama.

We personally believe that God’s omnipotence is guiding this year’s election process; and that this wonderful advocate for change, Senator Barack Obama, has been appointed ‘at such a time as this’, to lead our nation in a better direction.

So as Dennis and I filter through our everyday lives, we are ever mindful of this grassroots mission we have undertaken to be CHANGE and HOPE Agents in our volunteer efforts for Senator Barack Obama and for America.

We proudly proclaim that ‘we are the change that we seek’; that we can change the world-because this is our America; that we believe in Barack because he believes in us, that NOW IS THE TIME for this well needed change, and that this change will only come by voting for Senator Barack Obama as President for the United States of America!

We thank you Senator Obama for your life, your family image, your determination, and your Message of Hope! You have truly inspired us, and this generation!! Yes We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For – Yes, We Are The Change That We Seek!

Nadine R. Graham
Easton, Pennsylvania

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