Sophia’s Story

I am a 13 year-old democrat with strong beliefs and big ideas (at least that’s what mom says). I hope that one-day, I can vote for a democrat as inspiring as Obama.

Late last year two worthy blue candidates ran against each other, and though many people said that I should be rooting for Hillary because she was a woman, I saw hope in Obama. When he was named presidential nominee, I rejoiced with my family and we hoped, feverishly, that America would come to her senses and elect Obama as our president. Not because he is a democrat, but because his policies speak of change and reform.

In September my best friends and I attended my older brother’s Barack-B-Q. I had made us matching shirts and although we arrived a bit late, arrive we did, and we had lots of fun. It was a relief to see others who shared our ideals and dreams.

In October my leadership class ran a school-wide mock-election. On Halloween we counted the votes and to the disappointment of less than 200 people, Obama swept the school, winning by over 300 votes. Personally, it was one of the best school days in history. I had honest-to-goodness reason to hope.

In early November (November the third, actually) I dragged myself home from school and was thinking about what else to say in this story. I thought back on the school day, to the different (somewhat cheesy) jokes about the candidates I had laughed at, and I thought about the presidential nominee videos we watched in third period. I thought about the future and wondered what Obama’s election would do to America, and to the world. I wished that Obama would boost America’s image right away; and I guessed that his energy policies would put America in the forefront of international energy reform.

Now I have only a few hours to wait until the highly anticipated 2008 presidential election, which will be won by Barack Obama.  I have no doubt about this, because Americans are smarter than we get credit for.

Sophia Thomson
Austin, TX

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