Tracey’s Story

Over the past 8 years I grew ever more disillusioned with the state of our nation. I feel we have betrayed the ideals set forth in the constitution and without these we are lost. In 2004 I saw Barack speak at the convention and was impressed and inspired. I hoped, but didn’t truly think it possible, that he may lead us one day. After watching him speak the night of the Iowa caucus I decided to jump in.

I’m not willing to let the ideals of America to disappear, I want our little girl to experience liberty, justice and equality as reality, not legend. I began volunteering during the primaries and am so proud to have played the tiniest part in the amazing grassroots movement created by Barack Obama. What a lesson in what can be accomplished when we all work together. I look forward to being proud of our first family and staying invloved in the process of turning our country around.

Tracey Davidson
West Friendship, MD

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