Tuck’s Story

I have a little secret…*leans in close* I used to consider myself a Republican. As a young homeowner and “hard working American” I felt like the Republican Party best captured the spirit of what I was all about. And then something happened… not only to my “party” but to my country.

A pervasive feeling of dread and mistrust began to loom over the US after 9-11. I could not understand why so many people were cheering the “Kill ‘em all and let God sort ‘em out” attitude, and the willingness to give up personal freedoms to “protect” us from the dreaded “Terrists.”

This wasn’t the country that my grandfather fought to get into. This wasn’t the country that my Mother renounced her citizenship to Mexico form, as she stood in a crowd of over a hundred and proudly recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

As I sit on my Harley Davidson, an acknowledged icon of American strength and a passion for Freedom, I can’t help but feel my heart break when I think of crimes against our country in the form of The Patriot Act, warrant less wire-tapping, the loss of Habeus Corpus and my personal favorite…20 foot walls around the country to keep everyone out.

That was then.

This is now. This time WE have a chance to say ENOUGH. Give us our country back. We choose to live in the open. We choose to befriend our neighbors in the world. We choose to not eye everyone suspiciously. We choose to start all over again and fix damages done to the ideals of a country that was founded on the very idea that change is possible when people determine it for themselves.

This isn’t about Democrat or Republican. This isn’t about Black or White. This isn’t about young or old, and it certainly isn’t about arugula and plumbers. It’s about Choice.

And I CHOOSE to Change.

David Tuck
Austin, TX

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