Amira & Vivian’s Story

Amira Oguntoyinbo and Vivian Lojk are 8-year-old cousins and the very best of friends. They were born into a family of politically passionate women. Their grandma and moms have been long-time political junkies. But it wasn’t until Barack Obama came along that these women had the gumption to start knocking on doors and hanging out at election sites in support of their candidate.

Amira and Vivian have caught the fever and amaze their elders with their enthusiasm. Amira’s dad is a first generation American, born to Nigerian parents. Vivian’s dad grew up in socialist (yes, I said socialist, John McCain) Yugoslavia.

These worldly, smart, passionate kids are what America will become, and that is a beautiful thing! YES WE CAN!

Kelly Prelipp Lojk (Mother of Vivian)
Gulf, NC

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